Posted by Jenn Rogers on Jan 05, 2018

Saugus Rotary Club is excited to announce our upcoming fundraiser being held March 16, 2018 at Rosaria Restaurant. Rosaria Restaurant is located at 190 Main St Saugus, MA 01906. Need not be present to win. Check-In for the event is from 5:00pm to 5:45pm. Dinner & Raffle begins at 6:00pm. Dinner is $50 per person. The raffle is $100 per ticket (maximum of 199 tickets will be sold).

Game Rules And Regulations

  1.  Drawing will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.  Must arrive NO later than 5:45 PM.  Reverse Raffle with multiple silent auction items including a raffle for the 200th ticket.
  2. Only 199 tickets sold!  You do not have to be present to win, but someone or a Rotary Board Member must represent your ticket as a proxy.
  3. At 6:00 PM  the Saugus Rotary Club will draw the first ticket.
  4. After the 190th ticket is drawn, we will stop pulling tickets and have the raffle for the 200th ticket.  The winner of that raffle will be placed in the drum with remaining 9 tickets.
  5. The 200th ticket winner will be able to join the 9 other finalists for a chance to win the $10,000.
  6. The last 10 tickets in the drum are counted and the holders are asked to come up to the front of the room.
  7. Each of the remaining 10 ticket holders are asked if they would like to split the $10,000 or continue with the reverse raffle.
  8. The EMCEE will also ask if anyone would like to sell their ticket or if anyone from the audience would like to make an offer to buy a ticket from the remaining ticket holders.
  9. The last group standing or last person standing wins the $10,000.
  10. Each game ticket costs $100 plus $50 or each dinner ticket.